Business Continuity in a Crisis


This article was originally a contribution to Humentum, a global association connecting NGO professionals. FireWatch Solutions is a proud industry partner. Business continuity, at its heart, is a mindset. While there are countless frameworks, templates, checklists, and metrics integrated into business continuity, they are a means to an end and not the end itself. The [...]

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Medical Training for High-Risk Environments


As training progressed, it took fewer and fewer people to treat the patient effectively, freeing up the group to manage the larger operational problem in the scenario. Many organizations, ranging from non-government organizations (NGOs) to government agencies to private corporations have employees working in the high-risk regions of the world. Often the project sites are [...]

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HEAT-Hostile Environment Awareness Training


                                                                Many organizations, ranging from the US State Department to large corporations, to non-government organizations (NGOs) of all sizes, require employees who will work [...]

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Protecting Your Impact – How to build resilience in your organization


Stress is a reality of life. Every organization faces stress as it strives to achieve its vision in a highly competitive marketplace. No firm is immune, but certain organizations, such as non-government organizations (NGOs) operate at a tempo and under more arduous conditions that expose their employees to increased levels of stress. NGOs often employ [...]

Protecting Your Impact – How to build resilience in your organization2021-03-04T21:35:44+00:00
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