FireWatch Solutions Working with Live Earth


SAN CLEMENTE, California, July 21, 2020 – FireWatch Solutions Inc., a leading global security solutions provider, has been named a reseller of Live Earth’s Data Visualization Platform, a real-time data visualization system that connects a broad range of data sources. FireWatch Solutions will sell the software platform on a non-exclusive basis to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) [...]

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Safe Haven Sahel


Extremist groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda have found a home in the Sahel. Communities marginalized by their governments have proved to be the perfect foothold for radical extremism to take root. Up until now, the activities and goals of Isis and Al-Qaeda affiliated organizations based in the Sahel have been regional in nature. As [...]

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Burkina Faso: A Risk Report


Quick Facts Country Name:  Burkina Faso (“Land of the Honest People”). Formerly known as Republic of Upper Volta, with the name Burkina Faso adopted in 1984. Geographical Location/Size:  A landlocked country located in Western Africa. It is bounded by Mali to the north and west, Niger to the northeast, Benin to the southeast, and Cote [...]

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Transnational Crime in the Sahara


Introduction             Over the past decade, international terrorism and the migration crisis in the Mediterranean have drawn international attention to the security situation in North Africa and the surrounding Trans-Sahara region. High-profile incidents like the wave of popular unrest known as the Arab Spring and subsequent Libyan civil war captured headlines and compelled Western military [...]

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Risk Report: Niger


Niger conflict events 1Jan-18May19. Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED); https://www.acleddata.com May 2019 Quick Facts Geographical Size: Niger is a vast landlocked country in Central Africa, covering approximately 490,000 square miles. More than 80 percent of the land is covered by the Sahara Desert. Niger is named after the Niger River. The country [...]

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Islamic State in the Greater Sahara


Name Islamic State in the Greater Sahara (IS-GS) Overview             The IS-GS emerged as an Islamic State (IS) grouping, initially called the Islamic State in Mali (ISM), in May 2015. At that time, Adnan Abu Walid al-Sahrawi, a co-leader of Al-Mourabitoun (AM) (“The Sentinels”), an al Qaida in the Maghreb (AQIM) affiliate in Mali, Niger, [...]

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The Fulani


Peul (Fulani) Women. Picture taken in Paoua, Central African Republic. Security Implications of Nigeria’s Fulani’s Pastoral Migration: A Risk Report By Dr. Joshua Sinai, Consultant to FireWatch Solutions, Inc. Quick Facts: Nigeria Geography:  Nigeria’s size is estimated at 356,667 square miles. It shares land borders with Benin in the west, Chad and Cameroon in the [...]

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Risk Report: Mali


Quick Facts Geographical Size: 482,077 square miles. Eighth largest country in Africa. A landlocked country, Mali’s porous borders extend approximately 4,500 miles and border seven countries: Mauritania to the West, Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso to the south, Niger to the east, and Algeria to the north. Population: 18.5 million (2018). Language: French (Official), Bambara (80%), Berber, Arabic. Religion: Muslim (90%), indigenous beliefs (9%), Christian [...]

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HEAT-Hostile Environment Awareness Training


                                                                Many organizations, ranging from the US State Department to large corporations, to non-government organizations (NGOs) of all sizes, require employees who will work [...]

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