Prevention through planning and preparation is the heart of risk management. FireWatch builds tailored policies, programs, protocols, and training curriculums to posture clients for success.

Advisory Services

FireWatch offers comprehensive risk assessment, policy development, and program support services. Building client capacity to better understand risk and posture for success is a fundamental goal of our advisory services. Additionally, our team of corporate security leaders work virtually to meet a variety of Chief Security Officer and Chief Information Security Officer needs.

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  • vCISO
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Training Support

We develop education curriculums customized to client requirements, provide instructor support, and monitor learning management systems. These services are designed to prevent and mitigate threats before they occur.

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“Professionals don’t complain about the lack of tools. They use the right tool for the right task at the right time.”

Through a network of partnerships, FireWatch offers the following productivity tools to support our risk management efforts

  • Live Earth. Complete situational awareness.
  • Compass Island. Personnel monitoring services.
  • CSA 360. Customized risk-management dashboards.
  • Hyperproof. Compliance management software.
  • GoTenna. For communications and tracking in remote environments.
  • BMK Ventures. Medical equipment from PPE to full medical suites.
  • Global Guardian. Global medical evacuation support.
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