FireWatch resiliency support enables individuals and organizations to respond to emergencies and recover to full capacity.

Crisis Management

In the face of natural, human induced, or cyber disaster, FireWatch is equipped to minimize its detriment to clients of all sizes. From site response and evacuation to setting up a command center and deploying a variety of assets in support, FireWatch identifies and meets the needs unique to each event to keep you moving forward.

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Business Continuity

The dynamics of Business Continuity plans and procedures can be as diverse as the occurrences that make them necessary. A comprehensive Business Continuity plan designed for the specific disruptions that confront an organization can be the difference between an operational hurdle and a disaster. In these critical hours, FireWatch can provide direction and resources, like a Disaster Response Plan (DR), Business Impact Analysis (BIA), and interdependent operations triage, to make a safe and stable path forward.

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Resiliency Support

The human element of business continuity is often overlooked. Through a combination of training, counseling, and professional psychological support, FireWatch helps clients build a more resilient workforce.

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